What to do? What to do? (Longest Blog Post EVER)

Posted by blainjones | On: Feb 26 2013

Hi, my name is Blain Jones, and I am an affiliate marketer. I also own some websites that do stuff. I work with a guy named Shane Bost. We created a company called BAD Marketing, why BAD? Well because nobody ever said we are any good at this…

We like to have fun with what we do, and that is how we like to try and aim everything that we do. Anyways, back to the story at hand.

A couple days ago, I got a Skype inviting BAD Marketing to help promote a new website launch. I was told there would be cash prizes for the referral contest and to check it out. So I did, I went and checked it out. I then conferred with my partner in crime Shane. I then went into the “Oval of AwesomeSauce” where one of the owners of this program re-posted the same link I had just received with a time-stamp of somewhere around a couple weeks ago (I am not completely sure of the date, because I was in Korea, and the time difference there is enough to mess everything up, lol).

So in talking with Shane, we had realized that the other invited parties had already gotten a couple weeks on us as far as getting ready for this new product. So we came up with a game plan. We planned to give away any money that we had won during the referral competition, and we figured this would not be enough, considering how far behind every one else we already were. So we added some upgraded, credits, banners, and even an iPad to the mix of stuff to give away. With any luck this would help us to help the other company with their new product.

Then Shane and I proceeded to go over how exactly we wanted to “market” or “promote” this new site that was set to launch in a couple days. “Why not build a list of people, that want to join and win stuff?”, one asks to the other. “Sounds awesome! How are we gonna do that?”. “Let’s do up some videos talking about how sick,addicted, etc.. that company is and how they need help and we should raise awareness for them. You know cuz we want to help them out.”. “Dude, that’s awesome.”

So then some videos were made and uploaded to YouTube and hidden so that only people with the URL could see them. I then talked with one of the owners of this new site and said “Hey XXXXXXX, check out these videos, let me know what you think: URL HERE.” and patiently waited a response. “ha ha ha ha ha ha. wow. dude, i spilled my coffee everywhere. This is going to be awesome!” was the response I received. We the proceeded to catch up on other personal business while Shane and I finished off designing our pages and setting up our “campaign” to run over the weekend.(We had to pre-setup everything, because I was set to get on an airplane in just a couple hours to make a 20 hour trip back to the states.)

So once all was setup and good to go, we said our goodbye’s and I headed for the airport.

When I landed in New York’s JFK airport, I logged into Skype to see how everything was going so far. I then proceeded to a “group” Skype chat-room to see that people were offended by what “I” had done, because it was breaking the rules. I was then called a “cheater” and was told I was “unethical”. I was then told by a random Skype user, that another person was doing the exact same thing I was doing (Building a list). And yet, no one cared about them doing it.

So why is it that I am to blame?

Probably because I am Blain Jones. I am not afraid to step completely out of the box and out of my comfort zone. I have no issue with facing failure. Because without failure, I would not have success. I have no issue stepping up my game and sticking out like a sore thumb. I work online, because frankly, I LOVE THIS STUFF. I wake up every morning, excited to go to work online (part time :(

I am not here to follow step by step instructions and to be part of a herd. I do not want to be told EXACTLY what to do and when to do it. This is MY business. Not someone else’s. Although I do confer with others’ if it is their product that I am promoting.

I work somewhere between 80-100 hours every single week between my contract job and this. And I work my butt off. I do not come online to “hang out” or be part of a cool “social group”. I am usually working and hammering away online when I am on. I do take breaks and talk to people, usually on Skype. The “groups” that I am in on Skype to me, are business groups. A group of people looking to improve their business by talking with others to figure out what is working and what is not. And how someone did this, so I can see if I can use it (but with my own twist of course). When I am online, it is not so that I can simply sit back, eat pizza, and watch the latest sports event on the tellie.

My television is shut off, the only thing I have going usually is a playlist I created on YouTube that I named “Awesome” feel free to check it out. My username is pmrcblainjones. I like to listen to it, because I feel it helps me stay focused and get more work done.

So here is my tip to YOU. If you want to be a successful business owner or affiliate marketer online. STOP following instructions step-by-step. Take what you have learned and “create” your own style and rhythm. Make it work for you. Step, no wait, JUMP out of the box that you are stuck in and start trying new things. Who cares if they don’t work. I have done a lot of different things online that didn’t work out so well.

And last but not least, if I have an issue or a personal problem with something that you have done online. I will come straight to you and let you know about it. I do not need someone else’s support from a public forum to do so. I am what we like to refer to as an “Adult” and can handle my issues like one should. I do not see a point in running off to tell the “teacher” (metaphoric) that you hurt my feelings. And as far as the controversy thing goes, yeah I cause it sometimes, but most of the time, it is simply when I reply to someone that is bashing me that I am instantly accused of being controversial. Understand, that if I firmly believe in something, I am not simply going to “back down” because someone opposes me. I have been in much worse situations and didn’t back down then, I will not start now. I know how to thrive in chaos, I have spent 10 years in my current job learning how to do just that. So maybe what you consider controversial, is actually quite normal for me. And I don’t mind it at all.

As of right now, the current word count of this post is approx. 1,314 words. I didn’t think it was possible for me to ever write this much stuff.

So I will stop now. You can comment if you want. It doesn’t matter to me. To keep the “controversy” to a minimum, I probably will not be replying to your comments on this post. So fire away! (Also tweet if you actually read this whole thing. I know that I wouldn’t… lol)

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  1. Andrew Stark says:

    Hi Blain

    As a fellow affiliate what I saw you do was super awesome, so please continue to do good work like this.

    Also isn’t a pain when you write such brilliant content and no bugger takes the time to comment.


  2. Paul Reynolds says:

    I just think I’ve read a great’mission statement’…

    The internet is a huge place and though some groups or individuals may think they become to have a material ‘voice’ they are much deluded; pay heed to some of what is said if you must, but as you say, ‘it’s YOUR business’ Blain and YOU run it as you see fit. However, here on the Internet, there is still thankfully the space to be you and profit from it and space too to continue to be YOU without others having the ‘influence’ that they think they have… and long may that be the case!

    I found your ‘longest blog post ever’ a great read from a guy with passion…superb!

    Best Regards


  3. I love the passion in your post…and the great points you make…especially about failure. Play around…find your own voice…even if it is quirky and different…and don’t worry about what others are thinking…it is after all your voice.

    Great post. Thanks

  4. Great Post …and fine points…real stuff

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