Ready To Earn Some Easy Cash Using Traffic Exchanges?

Posted by blainjones | On: Mar 01 2013

OK, so we have setup a cool promotion across our traffic exchanges (SiteXplosion, TrafficAtTheRaces, and TrafficDodgems). It is very simple and easy to take part.

The first part of the promotion is that you will earn $1 for every person that you refer to any of our exchanges. The only qualification is that they must be an active member, surf XX pages (no we aren’t telling!), and they must XXXXX. What is the last one you ask? Well, it’s a secret. If we told you, then you would know how to cheat and earn a bunch of dollars from us. But I can tell you that any REAL person that joins any of our traffic exchanges and does what a normal surfer would do, will be able to quickly and easily qualify.

The second part to the promotion is anyone that joins any of our traffic exchanges and meets the qualifications listed above, will also earn $1. Yep, just for signing up to ANY of our exchanges, and being a REAL person, and surfer you will earn $1!

So join and earn $1 and/or refer someone and earn $1. Very simple right?


We have created a splash page for each exchange and I will list them below. But we encourage you to get creative and make your own splash pages. You can do this on your own, pay someone to do it, or use a cool program like AdKreator. It is your choice. But the more you SOLAST (Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb). The easier this whole affiliate thing will be for you!

So here are the pages that we made (just add your referral id to the end and they will be usable for you, or you can login to each site and grab them from the affiliate toolbox!)




So there you go! A cool way to earn some easy money and take some easy action!

Let us know what you think!

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