The TE TakeOver

Posted by blainjones | On: Mar 04 2012

As we wrap up the “EveryBody Wins” Contest today, we wanted to introduce something new. It is called the TE TakeOver. How does it work, you ask? Well it is a very simple concept.

As a group, members of SiteXplosion will target one traffic exchange every week from Sunday to Saturday. We will as a group promote SiteXplosion and smother that traffic exchange with our promotions.

What does this do for everyone? Well if you didn’t know, the average is about 5-7 views of something before someone clicks to view that product or service. If every other page that is shown on that traffic exchange is the same product, then people will start to notice it and want to take part in the action. So it will effectively make getting referrals and possibly comissions at SiteXplosion that much easier! When we promote as a group it takes alot less of one persons time and money for someone to sign-up to that program.

If you haven’t noticed already, this is a great way to get your name and your “brand” out there, one traffic exchange at a time, and get people to start noticing YOU. So you can quickly become a name that people can trust.

What do I have to do? To get started all you have to do is login to your SiteXplosion account, not a member? Click HERE to signup. Once logged in, click on the TE TakeOver option in the menu and follow the instructions there. It is as simple as adding your SiteX splash pages to your TakeOver Rotator and adding that rotator to the specific traffic exchange and assigning credits!

Now for the best part! We here at BAD Marketing feel that it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t reward you for your hard work! So we have a special rewards program in place so that you are rewarded for your efforts! To check it out just login to SiteXplosion and check out the TE TakeOver page for all the details! And as an even more special bonus, while myself or Shane are surfing, if we notice YOUR rotator and it sticks out above the rest, we will personally add it to our rotators, which will get YOU even MORE exposure to your splash pages!

So go today to SiteXplosion and get your TakeOver rotator setup for the first week of the TE TakeOver! The first traffic exchange in our takeover will be none other than StartXchange, if you are not a member, click HERE to signup and add your TakeOver Rotator and assign some credits!

Now remember, this is the first week of the TakeOver, so there may be some bugs and things that we need to tweak to make this work perfectly for everyone, so the more people that participate, the better it will be for everyone overall!

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